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There are a large number of businesses of all sizes located in and around Sydney. Many of these businesses are small businesses with limited revenues, yet they want an office address in the central business district (CBD) of Sydney, which will impress potential clients. It is also easier to visit other businesses if working from a Sydney CBD location. Co-working spaces are a cost effective way a business can get a mailing address in CBD Sydney so they are looking for coworking locations around sydney.


Justco is one of the leading co-working space providers in Asia and Australia having offices in more than forty locations. In Australia, it has co-working spaces in the largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney to cater to the requirements of all types of businesses. In Sydney, Justco has offices in two different locations 175, Pitt Street, and 60 Margaret street. Both these locations are in the CBD area of Sydney and each has a community manager who will look after the functioning of the location, Like all Justco offices, they are well designed, with vibrant interiors and a wide range of business facilities.


The co-working space at Level 16, 175, Pitt Street, Sydney has is spacious with comfortable sofas. Members can enjoy an excellent view of the skyline of Sydney since the place has large windows from the floor to the ceiling. The facility is close to the Pitt Street Mall for convenient shopping, King Street, and MLC centre. This space has a squash court for the exercise and a lobby cafe. St James Station, Martin Place station, Wynyard station are the closest railway stations. For those who travel by car, 175, Pitt Street is the destination that has to be specified. There are a large number of excellent restaurants and bars in the vicinity.


The other justco co-working space in Sydney is located at level 21, 60, Margaret Street. This office has an excellent view of the world famous Sydney harbour and other major landmarks like circular quay, Bangaroo, and the Rocks. The well decorated workspace has a large variety of plants to add a touch of greenery. It also has a gym, so that members who want to take a break from work and exercise can conveniently do so without leaving the office. In addition to the lobby cafe, there are many famous restaurants in the area. The co-working space is located at the Metacenter just above Wynyard station.


Both these co-working locations of Justco in Sydney have a variety of plans available to cater to members with different budgets and requirements. There is a basic hot desk facility that allows members to use desk space only once a month during office hours for $100/month. The office hours are from 8.30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. For those who require the facilities more often there is a Justdesk dedicated, which allocates each member with a desk at $950/month. Businesses with more staff or those who want more privacy can opt for the Juststudio option which is priced extremely reasonably at $1000 per month.


Justdesk dedicated and Juststudio members can access the facility 24/7 using their swipe cards for entering. For all these membership plans, Justco offers mail handling services. Members can use the Justco address as their office address, and mail addressed to them will be collected and delivered. All the facilities have free WiFi and tech support. Members can get their documents printed, photocopied, or faxed based on their requirements at an additional cost, based on their usage. To ensure security, CCTV cameras are installed. Entry to the office area is regulated, using swipe cards for an entry during non- office hours.

For the convenience of the members, there is a fully stocked kitchen area with a provision for tea, coffee, water, fruits, and snacks. Members may be charged for some items like snacks and fruits. For those who require privacy during discussion or phone calls, there are private booths available. The meeting rooms are also available for hire, and facilities can be hired for organizing events. Each co-working space has housekeeping and maintenance staff, to keep the facility clean and fix any problem quickly. Justco periodically organizes various business talks, networking, and other events