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Many small businesses and startups have only a few orders and are not sure whether they will get orders in future. The business owner realizes that hiring a full time employee is expensive, since the employee will have to be paid a salary, even if there is no work. So increasingly smaller businesses and some larger businesses in Melbourne are advised to hire the services of an employment agency for temporary staff. If these businesses have not used a similar agency before they may ask what is a temporary employment agency melbourne, so that they can take a decision accordingly.


The employment agency supplying temporary staff in Melbourne has a large number of workers, professionals with different qualifications, experience and skills listed with them. The employment agency has already screened the staff listed with them,verifying whether they actually have the skills and experience which they claim to have. In many cases, the staff has already worked for other clients of the employment agency satisfactorily. Based on the requirement of their client, the business requiring temporary staff, the agency will send suitable temporary staff to their client.

Usually the temporary staff will be assigned to the business for a specific number of days, which the business will inform in advance. The business hiring the temporary staff will then assign the work to the temporary staff according to their requirement. Based on the terms of the staffing contract, the business will pay the staffing agency for the temporary staff which is supplied. The amount paid for the temporary staff will depend on the market value of the skills, experience of staff, time duration for which they are working for the business. Usually the staffing agency has finalized the daily or hourly rates with their temporary staff while recruiting them. After deducting their service charges, the staffing agency will pay the temporary staff for their time, effort and skills.