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Many businesses are finding that the number of orders and leads generated through digital channels is increasing in almost all industry sectors. Hence businesses which only used offline marketing methods for promotion, lead generation earlier , find that they have to use digital marketing if they wish to remain competitive and grow fast. However, these businesses have not used the services of any digital agency earlier for marketing the products or services sold by the business. Since digital marketing is expensive, they would like to find out how to not get scammed when hiring a digital marketing agency for online marketing.

Like for other products or services, it is more easy to dupe a gullible person who has no knowledge or information on the topic. Hence the marketing department staff who will be usually handling the digital agency, should do some research on the online marketing services which the business will actually require. The marketing staff should find out the top rated companies who are providing the services, the rates which they charge, and the online services which the business requires to achieve its marketing targets. The marketing staff should also prepare specifications of the services required.


After the digital services required are finalized, the business should ask the local digital agencies to send a quote for the services. In addition to comparing the prices, it is also advisable to check the reviews of the digital agency online and offline. There are many review websites, where people can post reviews of the services which they have used. People are also posting reviews on social media websites. While there may be some manipulation of the reviews which are posted online, many of the complaints are genuine, especially if more details are provided of the problem faced.

To avoid being scammed, a business should not sign a long term contract with the digital agency initially. This will make it easy for the business to terminate the contract if they are not happy with the services provided or results, and use another agency. For pay per click advertising, the rates can vary , so it is important to specify the maximum amount the business will spend daily or monthly, so that it does not have to pay a huge bill monthly which it cannot afford. Many businesses prefer to hire digital agencies which link their fees to getting the results obtained in terms of increased leads or orders.