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There are many things that you will need to consider when determining the right kind of diet for your horse but you need to make sure that you add ample amount of fruits and vegetables to the horse feed. Adding different varieties of food is very important for ensuring that the horse will enjoy its meal while its overall performance will be enhanced. You should also ensure that you are giving different vegetables to the horse especially beetroot. There are many benefits of feeding beetroot to horses that you need to known so that you can be rest assured that the horse will enjoy the best meals. But you should always make sure to wash and clean the beetroot before feeding it to the horses for deriving maximum benefits. You should also cut the beetroots into thin strips for making sure that it does not get stuck into the throat of the horse leading to choking hazards.



Feeding beetroot to horses can offer many health benefits because it is high in nitrates which are very important for enabling the blood vessels of the horses to widen and relax. Beetroot is also very beneficial for horses suffering from cardiovascular diseases and it also have positive effects on many other health problems. Since, it is also rich source of antioxidants, it also have anti inflammatory effects on the horses so that it can help in treating conditions like arthritis, liver diseases and cancer. Apart from these health benefits, beetroot also have bone building properties which offer higher flexibility to the bones which reduces the risks of stress fractures. There are many other vitamins and minerals that are found in beetroot which includes vitamin B, amino acid and folic acid that helps in improving skin elasticity and supporting healthy bones. The amino acid found in beetroot also help in generating new cells so that there will not be any kind of health problems. The alkalizing property of beet is also very important as it detoxifies the liver while neutralize the toxins in blood. A soft and soggy mash of beetroot is a favorite food of horse and you can add this vegetable into the horse feed for deriving maximum benefits. You can also give beetroot pulp to the horse for offering maximum amount of digestible fiber so that the horse will become fit and healthy. It is easily digestible so that the horse will not face issues while digesting the food.